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Friday, Aug 28, 2015
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BF4 Being Reborn

XxCH0MPonTHISxX tagtag posted Aug 16, 15

It's been a rough ride for our Battlefield Division. But as of recently, we have had a few Bastards playing again and picking up back where they left off. Two in particular, Legacy 434 and Stonerninja have both joined forces and are on the path to rebuilding what was once a great roster. We are extremly relieved that there is finally someone to put this all back together again. We hope for the greatness again and wish you two the best of luck, as we hand you two the keys to take over Battlefield. Thanks again guys for putting on your big boy pants and stepping up to the plate. DOB STRONG!!!

If there is anyone else out there willing to help these two Bastards out, get with them and speak up. Or you can also always come to the Triumvirate for a chat. Game on you Dirty Old Bastards!

DEMON SP33DING NCOtag Good Luck Fellas!!! Thanks for stepping up and representing DOB and Battlefield.
Neveion PDtag Well, I'm glad to see you have Council support and I too will continue to support and help you as I have already in your ...
mysterymansaint NCOtag Thats great news!! Best of luck guys and thanks for your commitment.

During the past couple of weeks we have had an incline of new members enter our Community. A few of these Bastards have recently completed the process in becoming a full member and now reign the title of a TRUE Dirty Old Bastard. They have all shown their colors in good bastardly fashion, and have shown they are worthy to hold the title to be called a Bastard.

Lets all take some time and congratulate each and every one of them on fulfilling the tasks succesfully. Job well done gentlemen!





mysterymansaint NCOtag Good job you dirty bastards!
DEMON SP33DING NCOtag Great Job Bastardz!!!
tRiPwiReOD6 NCOtag Congrats guys, now you can throw the rager you have always wanted..go throat punch your buddy, go streaking at work, and ...

CALL of Duty: Advanced Warfare is getting explosive new content that's going to make life online a whole lot more interesting.

Having introduced a huge range of new fixes last week, developers Sledgehammer Games have decided to ratchet up the action with a fresh range of free content.

Last week also saw new fresh gearsets added to Xbox Live, including a Ninja and a creepy Clown, and now those new skins are set to get some crazy new weapons to be used with.

Three new weapons, and a long list of variants are set to be added to the game’s loot drop, including the STG44 assault, Blunderbuss shotgun and the SVO sniper rifle.

It's all set to land on July 21 on Xbox Live, fans on PlayStation 4 and PC platforms will have the usual wait.

Both the STG44 and SVO have five variants each, Sledgehammer have confirmed, while the base weapon will be unlocked once a player receives one of the variants.......READ MORE

At a packed panel at Comic-Con this year, Treyarch revealed new details and the celebrity cast for Call of Duty: Black Ops III's Zombies mode.

Treyarch director Jason Blundell and lead writer Craig Houston kicked things off by discussing the origins of Nazi zombies in the series. Jason joked “It’s a thing that shouldn’t be.” Started as an after-hours project at the studio, Zombies in Call of Duty grew out of the team’s extracurricular tinkering with the game while World at War was in development.Read more here

Happy 4th of July Bastards!

Neveion PDtag posted Jul 3, 15

Ok Bastards,

  It's the 4th of July weekend so here's your safty brief... Drink... drink a LOT, but If you drink, don't drive.. if you drive don't drink. Be careful when playing with things that go BOOM... we've all seen Hurt Locker. When offered the hotdog or the patty... always go patty, when presented a patty without the company of a beer politely request the presenter re-evaluate their delivery. Even if it's a quicky ya better wrap that sticky, cause you might just be pokin fun... but she might take ya serioous. Last topic.. remember that the world started in 1776 and everything before that was just a mistake. Now that we have covered our safty breif you bastards have yourselves a very patriotic and festive 4th of July. Carry On!

DEMON SP33DING NCOtag Happy Independence Day Bastards. Enjoy and be safe!! Must say it's been interesting on my end so far.
XxCH0MPonTHISxX tagtag Happy 4th of July Bastards!! Hope y'all enjoy the day!
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