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Friday, Feb 12, 2016
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The community is growing everyday now. Love to see it once again. With the rise on applications coming in, we are seeing more activity on the site. Which is always good on the eyes when you log into here. Our staff members are pushing recruiting hard for both the PS4 and the XB1 side, and it is certainly helping out. I'd like to thank everyone that has been helping out with the growth of DOB and helping build our name up even more! Look forward to the PS4 Division to become just as big as it once was, and the way things are turning out it doesn't look like it will be much longer till we are there.

Keep up the great work Bastards!!! It is much appreciated!

Please also, do not forget to Vote on the TOP100 clans site. Keep our name up there.

db1bu114me tag I voted 3 times in 1 stop do they all count or am i wasting time ?


XxCH0MPonTHISxX tagtag posted Nov 12, 15

With about one week into Black Ops Three we are moving quickly on getting our DOB Gamebattles team/teams going. Our XB1 Staff has been pushing hard to get all the CallOuts for all maps on BO3 and are already in the process of getting things going to make this possible. Looking for all that are SERIOUSLY interested.... If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, get with our XB1 Staff for more info.(StrykerSRP, Dj Hitman, and Demon Speeding). We look forward to having a good year for this, will take some work but nothing that DOB can't handle.

SIGN UP POST HERE>>> http://dirtyoldbastards.net/forums/m/2151959/viewthread/24842744-mlg-gamebattles-team-starting-up-for-bo3-join-us

Legacy 434 tag Buy it for me and would compete

Tomorrow is Veterans Day Bastards!! I know many people within the community are either serving in the military or have served. Be sure to give thanks to these Dirty Bastards for fighting for our Freedom in America... Thanks guys for everything you all do and have done, for not only you and your families, but for everyone else in this country. 'MERICA!!!

Neveion PDtag Thanks for the appreciation guys Would gladly do it again if ever given the opportunity
mysterymansaint NCOtag Thanks for keeping us safe. Much respect.


XxCH0MPonTHISxX tagtag posted Oct 24, 15

There was a few who participated, and I'd like to thank everyone that did donate to the community. I appreciate every one of you Bastards and I hope to do this again in the near future. Would like to name drop a bit to those that did help out with making this raffle possible... Neveion, DJHitman, DEMONSPEEDING, Tx3 Boys, Mysteryman, Stonerninja, and Uberneenja... But at the end of it all there could only be one winner, and that Bastard was determined today.


He will be receiving a copy of HALO 5 Guardians courtesy of DOB! Thanks again to everyone, and game on Bastards!

mysterymansaint NCOtag Nice Stoner...........Enjoy
DEMON SP33DING NCOtag Congrats Stoner!! That was gonna be the only way I play Halo!
Stonerninja1934 LNCOtag id like to thank my mom lol ty guys i never win shit im happy

Raffle fo Halo 5 will be ending soon. If you haven't already entered to try and win, there is still time. ENDS OCTOBER 23!! Now is your chance Bastards...

All you have to do is Donate $5 to the Community and that will be good for 1 ticket, and you are entered to win yourself a copy. Now Subscribers will automatically be entered to win( you know who you are). 

Subscribe now and you can double and even triple your chances to win!!

Bronze: 2 tickets

Silver: 3 tickets

Gold: 4 tickets

Who wouldn't want to win a brand new game for a small percentage of the price?!? You would be a fool not to! 

So don't be left behind and enter NOW BASTARDS!

Winner will be contacted by XxCH0MPonTHISxX and given the code for the download of the game.


Neveion PDtag I've been a sub for so long I forget lol. I will probably donate ANYWAY just for an extra ticket or 2
mysterymansaint NCOtag Thanks chomp. I will be donating $10 for the raffle.
mysterymansaint NCOtag Chomp I want to clarify that you don't need to be a subscriber to enter the raffle. You would just need add the 1 t...
Feb 17 '16
08:00 PM
Feb 19 '16
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Feb 24 '16
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