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Thursday, Mar 5, 2015
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Update - New Design

Praetorian tagtag posted Wed at 5:42  -  designnewsupdate


The new design has officially launched!  The great majority of the work and design elements were done by AT SLAYER though I did have a hand in some of it and probably drove him to drinking in the process.  The design is deceptively simple, considering the massive amount of code behind things; credit to the talent of our designer and his work!

There will be continued work on the website throughout the rest of the week and things should be completed by the end of the week, barring any issues, though you may see more minor changes throughout the next few weeks if necessary so please bare with us during the process and notify Praetorian of any issues you notice!

"Acta Non Verba"
T r i u m v i r a t e

AT SLAYER Thanks pal - Crazy ambitious site, a lot of great ideas! I hope this bring you all more popularity!

Due Rewards

Praetorian tagtag posted Jan 19, 15  -  awardsmedalsstaff

There are many members that deserve recognition for the time that they dedicate to this community, so many that it's difficult to stand out from the group and even more difficult to keep track of who has done what. To those of you who have dedicated time, knowledge, or anything to the community: we - Darby, Seth, and I - thank you.


There are some who have managed to stand out amongst a group of excellent peers, which only speaks even more to their character and dedication. Today I would like to congratulate three of our senior staff specifically for what they've done over the last six months and longer.

Kzan Neveion Carignan
Core Above The Influence Volunteer Service Core Above The Influence Volunteer Service

Congratulations, Bastards!

humility13 tag Suuuhhhhwwwweeeeettt!
DEMON SP33DING tag Nice Job Bastards!

State of the Community

Praetorian tagtag posted Oct 3, 14  -  newssocupdate

Last month began the first of our monthly updates. Today I will be outlining the status of the community for the time between our last update and today so that everyone in the community has an understanding of where we stand. The type of information we're trying to provide here are cold, hard facts: How many registered members do we have? How much money do we have? Where is our money being spent?

If you have ideas for things that should be included in these monthly updates, just contact any of the Triumvirate and let them know or reply in the comments section below!

Al_Capsones tag Wasn't there a place on the site were you can find witch functions were open? I like to do more but lnco for a COD game ...
SliverThis there's usually only one LNCO per game roster, they're the conductive material between the NCO staff and the Game Direct ...
Al_Capsones tag There are 6 open staff positions but in the xbox division but we need only 1 lnco for COD. Am i reading this wrong? ...

State of the Community

Praetorian tagtag posted Aug 30, 14  -  dobnewssoctriumvirateupdate

As we promised some time ago, we're outlining the state of the community in a monthly update. This is the first edition of this address so pardon what will probably be our least informative State of the Community address! The type of information we're trying to provide here are cold, hard facts: How many registered members do we have? How much money do we have? Where is our money being spent?

Oh, and we may not be a strictly competitive community, but you can't help but be proud of our Battlefield 4 team over on XBOX when they demolish a clan that thinks they had the event in the bag. The score was reminiscent of the World Cup final Germany vs Brazil. Read more about it (after you finish this post) here: DOB vs Madhouse. Congratulations gentlemen!

An00bG0Tm3 congratz Bastards!!!!!!
BadNano 9MM Congratulations to the BF4 Bastards on their big win!!!
Al_Capsones tag We violated Madhouse! ...

Subscribers Raffle

Praetorian tagtag posted Jul 27, 14  -  destinyrafflesubscriber

The XBOX 1 winner: PH Sapper! The PS4 winner: Metalhead.

Bastards, specifically those of you who have made subscriptions in support of the community, will be automatically entered into a raffle to obtain a pre-ordered copy of Destiny. The special thing about this pre-order is that it will allow you to have access to the beta as well! All subscribers will be entered and gold subscribers will be granted an extra ticket.

There will be one copy raffled for each console, anyone who wishes to opt out of this raffle and isn't interested in obtaining a copy should contact Praetorian immediately via the website mail system.

Subscribers are, as always, allowed to do what they wish with their winnings including gift it to another member, a four-legged friend, etc.

In order to be eligible you must be a subscriber and must have started your subscription on or before the date and time of this post. This is to avoid people subscribing for the month simply to gain access to the raffle. These raffles are to reward those who are contributing to the growth of the community and aiding in financing the different community assets.

BadNano 9MM Congrats to Metalhead; he deserves it for all the fine work he's putting in for the DOB. As for Sapper, man, you are ON ...
sinister dankx Finally got to subscribe lol. Congrats to the winners!!!
merfanator GDtag its ok i didnt win i pre ordered last night