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Saturday, Jul 4, 2015
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Happy 4th of July Bastards!

Neveion PDtagtag posted 18 hours ago

Ok Bastards,

  It's the 4th of July weekend so here's your safty brief... Drink... drink a LOT, but If you drink, don't drive.. if you drive don't drink. Be careful when playing with things that go BOOM... we've all seen Hurt Locker. When offered the hotdog or the patty... always go patty, when presented a patty without the company of a beer politely request the presenter re-evaluate their delivery. Even if it's a quicky ya better wrap that sticky, cause you might just be pokin fun... but she might take ya serioous. Last topic.. remember that the world started in 1776 and everything before that was just a mistake. Now that we have covered our safty breif you bastards have yourselves a very patriotic and festive 4th of July. Carry On!

DEMON SP33DING NCOtag Happy Independence Day Bastards. Enjoy and be safe!! Must say it's been interesting on my end so far.
XxCH0MPonTHISxX tagtag Happy 4th of July Bastards!! Hope y'all enjoy the day!

XB Platinum Division

ZootMoot tagtag posted Thu at 1:03

Another hard fought Clan War has ended once again for XB Platinum Division. It was a close battle, neck in neck till the very end but thanks to the late clean up crew we managed to keep ahead just enough to pull us through and be victorious. 

DOB DirtyOldBastard 279cp

Zomb Zombie Rebels 272cp

DWT DWTForLife 130cp

PERI Peri 123cp

HAWKS *WarHawks* 123cp

AMG American Gang 23cp

As you can see the Zombie Rebels clan gave us a run for our money they fought against until the very end but we came out on top in true Bastard fashion

XxCH0MPonTHISxX tagtag Nice job Bastards. I wasn't much help on this one this time around. Awesome to see us on the rise still, keep up the bad ...
db1bu114me tag So what was are reward this time anyone know
H2O Rok559 tag Woot woot platinum squad

Mumbai Clan Wars this past weekend was probably the easiest victory for DOB.
Very light activity as far as gameplay from the other clans that we were bracketed with. Although activity was light from participating clans, the game play was tough when it came down to it. DOB struggled to notch victories in CORE gameplay during both nights. After night one was complete The Bastards were able to capture 3 nodes and take a lead of 113 vs 33 over (next)Advanced Death clan. Night 2 came and we got the call from our Demanding Game Director(Stevenk888), that we needed to capture and hold 4 nodes for DOB to move up in the rankings for Diamond Division. We hit the ground running and captured our first node within 20 minutes. Again there was light game play between the other clans that we were stacked against. So we knew a victory was within our hands, but we still had the tall order of capturing and holding 4 nodes at once. Game play again for night 2 was tough in CORE game play with getting victories, but was eventually overcome. With about 1 hour remaining, we had 4 nodes captured only to have one of the nodes stolen. DOB was able to regroup and capture our 4th node with 10 minutes left on the clock to take over the war in Mumbai, gaining victory in our 6th Diamond Division Clan War. A big thank you goes out to all members who participated in Clan Wars this weekend!

Official Scoreboard

1[DOB] DirtyOlBastards 418 CP
2[NeXT] AdVaNcEd DeatH 41 CP
5[HOPE] The Hope! 0 CP

Courtesy DEMON SP33DING(XB1 CoD Preceptor)

Neveion PDtagtag Good job bastards! ...
Leeness deX tag proud of all of you love leeness
H2O Rok559 tag You guys had it super easy this the good shit guys DOB #1


XxCH0MPonTHISxX tagtag posted Jun 20, 15

Rally up, Clans! For our next Clan War, we’re heading to Mumbai, India. Bronze-Platinum Divisions will continue their battle for Centurion gear, while Diamond Division fights to unlock Valkyrie gear as well as climbing the new Season 2 Diamond Division leaderboard. See below for specifics on timing and gear rewards.

Bronze through Platinum Division Clans will compete beginning Friday, June 26th at 12PM PDT / 9PM CEST, and continuing through Monday, June 29th at 12PM PDT / 9PM CEST.

The Mumbai Diamond Division engagement takes place over a two-day period, on Friday, June 26th and Saturday, June 27th.

Be sure to look out for "Sign-Up" threads posted in the Forums by your Game Director of First Preceptor. THESE CAN BE FOUND UNDER>FORUMS>CALL OF DUTY>XBOX/PS INFO... So sign up asap.

As a reminder, roster lock occurs 24 hours prior to the start of each Clan War. The sooner your roster is in order leading up to an event, the better.





XxCH0MPonTHISxX tagtag Put Links to sign up threads here. So no Excuses this time guys lol

Another clan war has concluded and for the first time in a long time the battles for both diamond and platinum divisions was fierce.

Diamond division started off pretty rough on day one. The bastards were out numbered but came in guns blazing in true bastard fashion. Throughout the 4 hour block teams battled for their spot on the leader-board bouncing from spot to spot with the smaller but  more powerful group of Dirty Old Bastards holding their own. At the end of the battle the bastards were able to come out on top with 15 point lead. 

Coming in strong and making the right captures on day 2 was seamless with the team working together flawlessly to ensure victory. The battle was just as action packed with lots of movement on the leader-boards and ended with bastards, still out numbered, finishing with a 91 point lead.

1 [DOB] DirtyOlBastards 356 CP
2 [UDWR] United We Rise 265 CP
[CruZ] F2W
205 CP
[IxR] InfinitexRage
156 CP
5 [THUG] Insidious Thugs 30 CP
[ReV] ReV eSports
0 CP

Platinum division battled hard all weekend pushing as hard we could to take the number one spot. The points were close most of the time. Sunday night the bastards came together for one big push to achieve glory. Working together we grabbed the number one spot with a 30 point lead. On Monday the competition was able to sneak in the backdoor and snatch the number spot from us and for the first time ever the platinum clan finished a solid second place.

[U2eZ] U2eZTimeToRoll
285 CP
[DOB] DirtyOlBaztardz
226 CP
179 CP
[MAz ] Merciless Angelz
12 CP
[END] We Are END Clan
0 CP
[ApEx] APEX Boyz
0 CP
Good work bastards!!
Microstudz tag Thanks for the vote of confidence Demon SP33DING, it was a well hard thought victory in diamond that everyone involved p ...
ZootMoot tagtag So many apologists, my stereotypical Canadian traits are rubbing off on you guys, lol. Just to be clear my mention of be ...
xxxMikeGolfxxx tag I am sorry I wasnt on more, the transition from 360 to xbox1 took longer than i thought and then had a family emergency. ...
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