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New Mobile Social App!

ParmiDesignz tagGDtagMIA posted Mar 28, 16

Greetings Members!

Be sure to contact one of the staff to receive an invite to the Slack app to join the DOB community on the latest improvement to the way our communicates! Much better format than BBM, with added to tools to share files and multiple notification options so your phones don't vibrate non-stop! One of the first great moves of our great rejuvination! Look forward to seeing you in the app!!!


Upcoming Games

Neveion PDtagMIA posted Feb 26, 16

Bastards and Bastardets..?,

  With the number of newer games coming out we have an increased opportunity to swell our ranks with new members. Some of these games are, but not limited to "The Division", "Doom", "Overwatch" and many more. I know there is talk of potential support for "The DIvision" but that means someone will need to step up and take the reins on that one, the rest if TBD. So lets get out there and show people what being DOB is all about, and have a damn fun time doing it!!

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